Jacketgoods ripped me off/no returns.

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WARNING, WARNING!!! WWW>Jacketgoods.com is a big problem. I bought a "brand new" North Face Summit Series 900 gram Down Coat – size large that was shipped in AN ENVELOPE and had a small tear on a shoulder when it came out of the envelope. It was also too small. My wife and I wonder if it was (maybe) a ladies or boys large. I am a pretty little guy and it was small. When I e-mailed them to find out about a return/exchange they sent me the following message:

Dear customer,

Sorry to hear your problem. Would you please keep the jackets. We suggest that you keep it because you need to pay for the shipping and restocking fee if you need to exchange or return. And as you may know, the international shipping fee is expensive. The total price for exchange or return would be as much as an new order. Hope you can understand us.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,


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Bottom line: Never heard from jacketgoods.com again. Visa credited my account.


I contacted Visa to dispute the jacket and JacketGoods.com and Visa suggested that I again ask for the return address which I did.I have not heard from JacketGoods.com again - period.

Visa said that it sometimes takes two billing cycles for them to respond. Outcome TBA. In the interium they are not being paid.

Visa has been a GREAT ally.Thanks Visa.

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